Why you should prefer Turkey in healthcare service?

Our country has multiple advantages including;

○ being in a tourism region

○ technological and quality service

○ expert staff

○ economical prices

○geographical location and convenience transportation


Translation Services:

All patient communications are carried out in the native language of the patients. Our  team will be with you during your doctor consultations and whenever you need us.

We provide;

simultaneous translation during doctor Visits

on-call support

on-line support

7/24 continuous support


Transportation Services :

We provide all our patients and their relatives transportation needs, we can arrange on demand tour organization  from/to airport and hotel from/to hospital and etc.. We handle complete logistics of the itinerary of the patients, including any special need they might have, providing better service since their arrival in Turkey and covering all aspects of transportation such as Shuttle Airport-Hotel-Airport, pre and post-operative appointments, surgery and even Tailored Tours depending on the patient´s medical treatment and the indications from the doctor.


Accommodation Services:

Travelling abroad for medical purposes involves a very important decision that the patient has to make – choosing the right accommodation service or facility. Poor choice of accommodation has the potential to further deteriorate the patient’s health and bring serious health issues to him. For example, a patient who has had cardiac surgery or orthopaedic surgery must ensure that he avoids taking the stairs. Therefore, the patient has to be careful while making the decision and must take into account several factors like proximity to the hospital, cost, quality of services rendered, Distance from hospital, Distance from healing facility,Hygiene standards, Food (Ensure that your accommodation provides healthy food like raw fruits, salads, whole grain foods that has nutrients essential for your recovery.)Distance from the grocery store and pharmacy. We evaluate all the details and offer you the most convenient ones.